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Minh-Thu Nguyen, known as Minh2, was born in Berlin to Vietnamese parents.

From early on Minh2 knew that music and movement would play a substantial role in her life and today she feels most comfortable when she’s surrounded by creativity/creative energy and pure passion.


She took her first dance steps at the local youth center at the young age of 13 and that was also the moment she realized that the dance community and culture would become her new home.


Despite growing up in a rather conservative Asian community and humble background, she decided to follow her dreams.


By the time Minh-Thu turned 17, she already had her first experiences in front of the camera and as a result, she can today be seen in multiple music videos and global advertising campaigns. Only one year later, she went on her very first tour as a background dancer and she hasn’t stopped performing since, continuously gaining more experience on TV-, theater and film sets. Minh-Thu even landed a supporting role on the show “Crews & Gangs”, where she played Sky.


While continuously working on establishing herself as a dancer and model, she did a HIIT The Beat Coach teacher training in 2017 and got a Fitness Trainer B license in 2021, which allowed her to expand and offer not only dance but also open fitness classes, as well as exclusive training sessions for companies such as Adidas, Red Bull, About You or McFit, just to name a few.


Her quickly developing career did not stop her from graduating and earning a bachelor of arts degree in Fashion management in 2019.


In 2021, Minh-Thu had the opportunity to work for the first time as a Movement Director for brands like Zalando, Adidas, About Kokomo as well as the art project “Sound of Movement”.


With 2022, Minh-Thu realized how much experience she gained over the years as a dancer, model and coach and thought it was time to share her all-round and versatile knowledge with others.


She truly paved her own way and is now a professional dancer, model, movement director and a certified fitness coach at Adidas Sportbase Berlin. She is also working exclusively for Adidas as an Adidas Athlete and Brand Ambassador, on top of currently being one of the new faces of the global John Reed Campaign.


Minh2 is a creative soul and a passionate fighter who turns her surrounding into her personal studio. The dancing athlete’s captivating movement is a reminder that our bodies are truly the greatest work of art.

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